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Roll handling systems

a market area where there are no standard solutions. Only a system which is tailor-made for the mill in question can give customer satisfaction and therefore successful results.
The roll handling system starts by taking the rolls from the winder and then transporting them without damage right through to the roll warehouse.
Among the components which can be incorporated are:

  • sorting decks, sorting ramps
  • arm elevator
  • roll upenders/downenders
  • various types of conveyors
  • carrousel conveyor
  • lifts,ramps
  • roll ejectors, roll buffers,  roll stops

Tissue handling systems

The high standards required for tissue rolls, some of which are very large and extremely sensitive, are met by the handling and wrapping systems specially engineeringed for this purpose.
LAMB AB engineerings and manufactures systems with sorting decks, stationary as well as travelling conveyors, turning conveyors, lifting platforms and upending equipment as well as palleting systems. Entire systems are therefore available, starting from the paper machine resp. the roll cutter and continuing right through to the warehouse.
The many systems which have been manufactured for the tissue industry bear witness to the innovative LAMB AB engineerings which in turn reflect many years of know-how.

Wrap lines

From the simple manual system right through to the fully automatic roll wrapping system with a capacity of 180 rolls/hour, LAMB AB is able to engineering and supply the system which is right for the customer’s needs.
Whether a spiral wrap (the ecowrap) is your ideal solution, or a full wrap as with the compactowrap resp. the hiperwrap, all systems have one thing in common – a high standard of wrapping.
LAMB AB roll wrapping systems are engineeringed to meet the particular needs of individual mills as well as the limitations imposed by the buildings concerned. Precisely for this reason, great value is placed on a close co-operation with the customer at the planning stage, as well as all through project realization.

Pulp handling systems

Pulp cutters and layboys, automatic bale handling systems with integrated conveyors, Uniwrap® or Duowrap® wrapping equipment, machinery for bale wire tying, equipment for bale stacking as well as wire tying of entire stacks – the variety of elements offers numerous possibilities for individual solutions for rebuilds and extensions of systems already in operation.